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Is Laparoscopic Nephropexy Improving the Quality of Life

Nado Vodopija
Ljubo Koršič
Marko Zupančič
Franc Kramer
Zoran Krstanoski
Ivan Parać

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Short- and long-term effectiveness of laparoscopic nephropexy was evaluated in patients with symptomatic nephroptosis
especially quality of life of the patients and repositioning of the ptotic kidney.In 87 patients with symptomatic
nephroptosis laparoscopic nephropexy was performed from 1994 to 2003. In 86 patients trans-abdominal approach was
used and retroperitoneal in one patient. Visual pain scale was used for pain evaluation before surgery and six month after
surgery. At the same period creatinine serum concentration, urine examination, i.v. urography and ultrasound in supine
and erect position was made. There was statistical significant decrease of pain from 6.5±1.055 (SD) to 2.4±1.577
(SD) (p=0.000), according to visual scale, and decrease of urinary tract infections (p=0.000) in patients after laparoscopic
nephropexy. Average operative time was 45.9±8 (SD) min., and hospital stay 3.4±0.7 (SD) days. Reposition of the
kidney was successful in 70 of 80 patients. Laparoscopic nephropexy importantly improved the quality of life in patients
with symptomatic nephroptosis. Surgical procedure was safe and successful in most of the patients.

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nephroptosis; , nephropexy; laparoscopic surgery; quality of life; pain; urinary tract infection

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