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Contact Allergy to Special and Standard Allergens in Patients with Venous Ulcers

Mirna Tomljanović-Veselski
Jasna Lipozen~i Lipozenčić
Liborija Lugović

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The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of contact sensitivity in patients with leg ulcers, and possible difference
in the rate of contact hypersensitivity to standard series of allergens used in patch testing, and to particular topical
agents used in local therapy of leg ulcers in special series, patients with and without atopy. The study included 60 patients,
45 female and 15 male, aged 37–85 (mean 68.37 female and 51.13 male), 30 of them with and 30 without allergic
contact dermatitis (ACD) of the leg (control group). The mean duration of leg ulceration was 5.62 years. The two groups
of patients underwent testing to standard series allergens and target series allergens including mupirocin, bepanthene,
silver sulfadiazine, chloramphenicol + clostridiopeptidase, betamethasone dipropionate, hydrocortisone + oxytetracycline,
momethasone, alginate, hydrocolloid, lanolin, pyrogallol, Vaseline, permanganate, Rivanol, povidone-iodine, gentamicin,
i.e. local agents most frequently used by the patients. Contact allergic hypersensitivity to standard series allergens
was demonstrated in 25 patients with a total of 49 positive reactions and a mean of 1.6 reactions per patient.
Positive reactions were most commonly recorded to balsam of Peru, fragrance mix and neomycin sulfate. There were 12
positive reactions to target series allergens, mean 0.4 reactions per patient. Forty-five positive reactions, mean 0.1 reactions
per patient, were recorded in the control group. Positive reactions were most commonly demonstrated to corticosteroid
ointments, lanolin and bepanthene. Study results did not confirm a statistically significantly higher rate of sensitization
to particular topical agents frequently used in the treatment of patients with venous ulcers. Patch testing to
standard and special series allergens should be performed in case of prolonged leg ulcer epithelization.

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contact allergy; topical agents; venous leg ulcer

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