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Fundamental Restoration of the Civic Hospital in Split (1866–1872)

Livia Brisky

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The aim of this study was to investigate the progress of the fundamental restoration and enlargement of the Civic
Hospital in Split between 1866 and 1872 on the basis of the previously unexplored materials, such as Shorthand reports
of the Dalmatian Parliament in Zadar kept in the Split University Library, and the archival documents about the completion
of this renewal preserved in the State Archives in Zadar. The right author of the restoration project and the name
of the building manager were found. The data of the renewal beginning were corrected. The findings showed that the renewal
of the Civic Hospital in Split started after the decision of the Dalmatian Parliament about its enlargement and restoration
on February 9, 1866, according to the project drafted by the Provincial director of the public buildings doctor
Ivan Lucchini. On October 7, 1871, the Dalmatian Parliament determined about the way for the continuation of these
works. The complete restoration of the Civic Hospital in Split finished in 1872. The study revealed the realization of
longtime efforts for the enlargement of hospital capacity in Split. With this restoration and appropriate organizational
structure, the Civic Hospital in Split could offer better treatment to the patients, parturient women and foundlings.

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history of medicine; public health; history of hospitals; Civic Hospital in Split; 19th century; Split; Croatia

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