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The Electrophoretic Mobility of Cell Nuclei (EMN) Index and Changes in Acid-Base Homeostasis under Conditions of the Intensive Physical Exercise

Zbigniew Czapla
Ewa Szczepanowska
Joachim Cieslik

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The relationship between the Electrophoretic Mobility of Cell Nuclei (EMN) index before and after super-maximal
and maximal exercises and changes in physiological parameters associated with acid-base balance of the blood (pH, BE)
and lactic acid concentration (LA) were examined in junior (N=33, X=15.6 y.o. SD=1.16 y.), and senior (N=10, X=22.0
y.o. SD=2.70 y.) female rowers. The following parameters: pH, BE and LA changed significantly (p<0.05) from pre- to
post-exercise status, while the EMN index changed only in junior female rowers under super-maximal conditions. Correlations
between the EMN index and physiological parameters reflect the homeostatic disturbance associated with intensive
exercise conditions. The decline in the EMN index appears to depend on the post-exercise changes of an organism’s
acidity. The results suggest that changes in the EMN index are associated with variation in physiological parameter, i.e.
changes in acidity. We conclude that the EMN index reflects acid-base alterations and may be useful in evaluating systematic
reactions to stress.

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intracellular microelectrophoresis; buccal epithelium cells; EMN index; exercise physiological parameters; acid-base balance; acidity

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