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Effects of Biomotor Structures on Performance of Competitive Gymnastics Elements in Elementary School Female Sixth-Graders

Sunčica Delač
Josip Babin
Ratko Katić

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In order to identify biomotor systems that determine performance of competitive gymnastics elements in elementary
school female sixth-graders, factor structures of morphological characteristics and basic motor abilities were determined
first, followed by relations of the morphological-motor system factors obtained with a set of criterion variables evaluating
specific motor skills in competitive gymnastics in 126 female children aged 12 years ±3 months. Factor analysis of 17
morphological measures yielded three morphological factors: factor of mesoendomorphy and/or adipose body voluminosity;
factor of longitudinal body dimensionality; and factor of transverse arm dimensionality. Factor analysis of 16 motor
variables produced four motor factors: general motoricity factor (motor system); general speed factor; factor of explosive
strength of throwing type (arm explosiveness); and factor of arm and leg flexibility. Three significant canonical correlations,
i.e. linear combinations, explained the association between the set of seven latent variables of the morphological
and basic motor system, and five variables evaluating the knowledge in competitive gymnastics. The first canonical linear
combination was based on a favorable and predominant impact of the general motor factor (a system integrating
whole body coordination, leg explosiveness, relative arm strength, arm movement frequency and body flexibility) on performance
of gymnastics elements, cartwheel, handstand and backward pullover mount in particular, and to a lesser
extent front scale and double leg pirouette for 180°. The relation of the second pair of canonical factors additionally explained
the role of transverse dimensionality of arm skeleton, arm flexibility and explosiveness in performing cartwheel
and squat vault, whereas the relation of the third pair of canonical factors explained the unfavorable impact of adipose
voluminosity on the performance of squat vault and backward pullover mount.

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elementary school female students; morphological-motor status; competitive gymnastics; canonical relations

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