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Fist Fractures at Child’s Age

Robert Karlo
Božidar Župančić
Rade Škarica
Tihomir Dunatov
Ivan Bačić
Marko Medić
Zvonko Zadro

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The aim of this work is to confirm or deny the hypothesis that the fist fracture medical treatment at child’s age in the
General Hospital in Zadar does not differ much from the medical treatment method in other centers which have already
published their results. The work is based on the retrospective study. The examinees are children with fist fractures in the
General Hospital in Zadar from 1999 to 2003. The control group is formed by the examinees of the published studies
about children fist fractures, which have been collected and statistically elaborated. The examinees of our group and the
control group are classified by the same criterion: age, sex, place, sort and type of fracture as well as the method of medical
treatment. The used statistical methods are the testing of frequency differences and c
2 test. Statistically essential differences
between our group and the control group have been noticed. There are also differences among the control group
subgroups. The difference in the method of medical treatment is statistically essential and shows that the methods are
not the same as in our group and the control group. The surgical way of treatment is less represented by our results than
in those of the control group. The different attitude in medical treatment is conditioned by the attitude that surgical intervention
of finger bones does not always give us the expected functional result.

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fist fractures; children; epidemiology; medical treatment; Zadar; Croatia

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