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New Anthropometric Instruments

Darko Ujević
Gojko Nikolić
Ksenija Doležal
Lajos Szirovicza

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Anthropometric examinations have been carried out since 1901 (USA) with the aim of developing and furthering the
garment and footwear size system. The contribution to the solution of these problems was noticed in the last decades
when a technical board was founded and the propositions in ISO norm series as well as in European norm (EN) series
were prescribed. Two methods are employed in anthropometric measurements: the conventional one using anthropometric
instruments and the one applying a 3D body scanner. The method using 3D scanning is faster and more accurate,
but at the same time it is more complicated and expensive. In the framework of STIRP Croatian Anthropometric System
the classical method was applied because out of the total number of examinees (0,68% of the whole population of the Republic
of Croatia) 6,380 children up to the age of 5,4 were examined. That was the reason why the development of new
anthropometric instruments was taken up with the aim of developing and improving the existing ones. In this paper a
new anthropometer with two legs has been described: it contributes to the stability of the instrument when a larger number
of examinees has to be tested. In addition to this, new goniometers for determining the shoulder-tilt have been presented
and described.

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anthropometric instruments; measurements of human body; garment and footwear standards

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