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Kinematic Measurement of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis in the Normal Population

Stanislav Peharec
Romana Jerković
Petar Bačić
Josip Azman
Dragica Bobinac

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Spinal and pelvis motion has been studied by a variety of different methods, the majority of which have a number of
limitations. The present study investigated motion characteristics of the lumbar spine and pelvis using a three-dimensional
optoelectronic system. The aim of our study was to determine kinematic parameters of spine and pelvis during
trunk flexion, extension and lateral bending in normal, healthy subjects. Kinematic motion analysis was performed on
63 asymptomatic volunteers for four different trunk motions. This study has shown that the pelvis range of motion is affected
by the gender. Contribution of pelvic movement to trunk flexion was 50%, while pelvic angle was significantly
higher in women. During lateral bending female subjects had statistically significant higher values of vertebral arc with
respect to male subjects. During extension the contribution of pelvic movement was 45%. There was no significant difference
found in total angle, pelvic angle and vertebral arc.

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kinematic; spine; pelvis

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