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Burkitt’s Lymphoma in the Boy: Infiltration in the Stomach, Colon and the Retroperitoneum – Ileocecal Invagination

Zdrinko Brekalo
Ante Kvesić
Gordan Galić
Sofija Kukić-Brusić
Vlatka Martinović
Suzana Jonovska

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A 4-year-old boy was hospitalised because showing signs of weakness, slight pain in the abdomen and while urinating.
The symptoms occurred 7 days before hospitalisation. The boy did not vomit, nor did he have the urge to vomit, the
defecation was regular showing no traces of blood. The physical visit a soft and painless tumefaction was confirmed
ileocecally. The echography tests and the computed tomography suggested invagination, not excluding the second substrate.
Barium enema showed irreductible invagination. The operative test showed that it was about the ileocolic invagination
with extreme thickening of the cecum, the ascedental colon, the intestine and the retroperitoneum walls. A resection
of the small intestine and a ileocolic anastomosis was performed. The pathohistological test shows the primar abdominal
Burkitt’s lymphoma. In spite of the subsequent therapy the boy dies three weeks after the first symptoms’ manifestation.
We, herewith, suggest at the importance of the echography analysis when diagnosing the Burkitt’s tumor and give advantage
to this analysis against the computerized tomography. We also point at the huge level of malignancy of the Burkitt’s
tumor in this boy.

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children; Burkitt’s lymphoma; invagination; diagnosis; treatment

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