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Pulpal Response to Direct Pulp Capping with Collagen Bioresorbable Membrane

Teuta Maršan
Goranka Prpić-Mehičić
Ivana Karlović
Branko Šoštarić
Ivica Anić
Zoran Karlović

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The study evaluates the effect of collagen bioresorbable membrane as a pulp capping material. Experiments were carried out on mongrel dogs. The dogs were anesthetized and teeth were isolated by rubber dum. In all animals, along the buccal side, class V cavities were prepared on two maxillary and mandibular incisors. The pulp chambers were exposed and bioresorbable collagen membrane Bio Gide was placed on the pulp wound in the first group of the teeth. In the second group the pulp wound was covered with a sterile Teflon disk and in the third group the cavities were closed by Ketac-Silver cementum only. The cavities in the first two groups of teeth were permanently closed by Ketac-Silver cementum. After six weeks the specimen teeth were extracted and prepared for histological examination. The histological findings of the specimens treated only with Ketac-Silver cementum showed complete necrosis of the pulp tissue. Two samples treated with Teflon disks showed complete necrosis of the pulp, while on six samples partial loss of morphologic structure could be seen. On the specimens treated with collagen bioresorbable membranes the pulp tissue preserved its vitality to a much greater extent. Particularly noticeable was a better blood supply in the pulp, with an increased number of blood vessels. The creation of a reparatory bridge was not noticed in any of the tested samples.

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collagen bioresorbable membrane, dental pulp, odontoblasts, dentinal reparatoring bridge

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