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Investigation of concrete slabs made with cement based mortars under impact loads

R. Tuğrul Erdem
Murat Berberoğlu
Engin Gücüyen

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As structural members can be subjected to impact loading during their service life, impact experiments are applied for various materials and objects by taking different methods into consideration. The effect of impact load on concrete slabs prepared with cement-based mortars is investigated in this study. A total of nine slab specimens measuring 500 x 500 x 50 mm are tested within the experimental program. Test specimens are prepared to provide different strength values and tested under impact load using the drop test setup. The impact resistance values of the specimens are determined based on the acceleration, impact load and displacement values, as obtained by measurement devices. In addition, crack distribution of the specimens is observed during impact tests. It has been noted that mortar types have a significant effect on the impact behaviour of the specimens. The finite element analysis is generated for each specimen to verify experimental results. Time histories of the acceleration, displacement and impact load values of the selected test specimens are compared. The relationship between experimental and numerical analysis results is presented, which reveals that the finite element procedure can be used in the evaluation of dynamic response of test specimens under the low velocity impact loading.

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concrete slab, drop test setup, impact load, numerical analysis

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