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Characteristics of the Occlusal Surfaces of Lower Molars in a Sample of the Croatian Population

Mihajlo Maćešić
Zvonimir Kaić

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The aim of this study was to determine the characteristics of the occlusal surfaces of lower molars in a sample of the Croatian population.
Classification of the characteristics of the occlusal surface of molars was determined according to the standards for characterisation of morphological variants of permanent teeth, of ASU (Arizona State University - Dentoanthropological System of the State University of Arizona).
On the basis of the obtained results of the shape of grooves in lower molars, with regard to the evolutive process in these teeth, it can be concluded that the first lower molar is the most conservative. The high frequency of + shape was significant in the second lower molar. As + shape can be taken as the highest evolutive stage of the conservative Y shape, i.e. the beginning of the most developed X shape, the second lower molar can be said to be in the transitive stage, and thus with its attained evolutive level it is definitely closer to the lower third molar. The third molar reached the highest developmental shape in the formation of the occlusal surfaces of lower molars.

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occlusal surfaces, lower molars

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