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Experimental study on freezing resistance of permeable concrete mixed with vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion and basalt fiber

Wenhua Wang
Xiaojun Cheng
Jinzhong Zhu
Siyu Liu
Xiangsheng Chen

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In recent years, permeable concrete has been widely used in the construction of urban permeable pavement. However, it has been discovered that during practical use, the cracking of permeable concrete pavement in seasonal freezing areas is more severe due to its poor frost resistance, and the phenomenon of threshing is evident. To obtain permeable concrete that meets the freezing resistance requirements of the seasonal freezing areas, the freezing resistance of permeable concrete mixed with basalt fiber and VAE-707 emulsion was studied in this study. The conclusion drawn from the experiments showed that compared to the basic group show that under the premise of satisfying the water permeability, the compounding of 2 kg/m3 of basalt fiber and 2% VAE-707 emulsion can improve the frost resistance of the permeable concrete.

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basalt fiber, VAE-707 emulsion, permeable concrete, frost resistance

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