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Alternate approach for calculating the optimum viscous damper size

Elif Cagda Kandemir

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This study explores the optimal viscous damper size required to prevent a five-story building from colliding with a rigid wall. It comprises two parts, both based on the novel application of the wavelet coherence method (WCoh). In the first, impact incidents were estimated using the WCoh method, and in the second, an approach based on WCoh for optimizing the viscous damper size was proposed. A validation model was used to verify the proposed method and good agreement among total damper sizes was observed. Nonlinear viscous dampers have also investigated due to their lower damping force than viscous dampers produce. This study has shown that wavelet coherence can be used to identify seismic pounding.

Ključne riječi

seismic pounding, viscous damper, continuous wavelet transform (CWT), wavelet coherence (WCoh), near-fault ground motions

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