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Laboratory Fabrication Procedures of a Metal Partial Denture Framework

Dubravka Knezović-Zlatarić
Monika Nemet
Ivo Baučić

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Metal partial denture framework is a constituent part of each metal partial denture. Its fabrication requires precision of both the technician and the dentist - from the initial phase of planning this prosthetic restoration, during impression taking, making of stone casts, cast duplication, modelling by means of wax patterns, flasking of duplicate casts, heating, glowing and casting of the metal construction, elimination of sprues and sandblasting, until final polishing of the casting and its adjustment on a stone cast and in the patient’s mouth.
Sophisticated equipment plays an important part in technological fabrication procedures: robust and strong technical motor, parallelometer, thermostatic bowl for the duplication material, sandblasting device, device for mechanical polishing and electropolishing, glowing furnace, and finally, a special casting device based on induced electric current.

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casting, cobalt-chromium alloy, duplicating, flasking, metal partial denture framework

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