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Surgical Treatment of Odontogenic Keratocysts by Intraoral Postoperative Suction

Klara Sokler
Jakša Grgurević
Pavel Kobler
Joško Grgurević

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Two cases of odontogenic keratocysts are presented of which the first occurred on the opposite side of the jaw after an operation for a follicular cyst, and the other recurred within a relatively short period. In neither case was the existence of Gorlin-Goltzov syndrome possible. Both odontogenic keratocysts were surgically treated by enucleation of the cystic capsule and postoperative intraoral suction. In the second case the procedure was repeated due to a recurrence. The fact that permanent intraoral postoperative suction ensures the healing of mandibular bone tissue in a relatively short time, it had no influence on the possibility of the development of a recurrence during the treatment of an odontogenic keratocyst. The authors therefore conclude that during the treatment of odontogenic keratocysts the surgical method used is not important if the surgical method used is conservative. In such cases the marsupialisation method should be completely abandoned. Other conservative surgical methods include the risk of recurrence, and should the recurrence occur repeatedly there is a possibility of the keratocyst penetrating into the soft tissue where it is more difficult to treat surgically. The authors consider that by analysing the relevant clinical sample it is necessary to calculate how often severe recurrences of odontogenic keratocysts occur with expansion into the soft tissue or other perioral structures. Thus these data could be used during the treatment of recurrences of odontogenic keratocysts, in view of the perspectives which exist in the treatment of all locally invasive odontogenic formations.

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odontogenic keratocysts, surgical treatment, intraoral postoperative suction

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