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The Demographic Aspects of Forgiving in War-Effected Areas of Slavonia

Ivan Lajić

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The paper presents a specific analysis of the demographic aspects of forgiving among the until recently belligerent ethnic groups in war-effected areas of Western and Eastern Slavonia. It is based on an empirical survey, conducted towards the end of the year 2004. It examines the degree to which forgiving the enemy side is linked to the demographic traits of the population. Four demographic variables were applied. The empirical survey examined numerous indirect and direct variations of forgiving, and this paper treats the questions of who is to be forgiven, why should one forgive and it also attempts to determine what is the present level of forgiving. Unfortunately, in his scientific experience the author came across very few similar studies, and therefore it is difficult to make exact comparisons in regard to the progress of the process of forgiving and reconciliation. The paper tests six hypotheses. The analysis shows that the population of Western Slavonia is more ready to forgive than the population of Eastern Slavonia, that women are more ready to forgive than men, that older persons are more inclined to forgiving than younger ones, that the Serb population is more inclined towards forgiving, that the level of forgiving is not in direct correlation with the level of education and, partially, that the indigenous population was more ready to forgive than immigrants.

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Slavonia, indigenous Croats, indigenous Serbs, immigrants, forgiving

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