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Psycho-Social Aspects of Measures Aimed at Decreasing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases in the Population of Returnees in the Osijek Region, Croatia

Barbara Ebling
Ljiljana Majnarić-Trtica
Rudika Gmajnić
Zdravko Ebling
Željko Vranješ

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Recognizing high prevalence of Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disorders and low coverage by preventive examinations
in the population of returnees, in Osijek Region, we initiated activities for early detection and better managing
of chronic diseases. Measures done, were based on public health working methods, such as: education, solidarity and
self-responsibility. A special attention was put on psychosocial aspects of the health-related matters. Exactly, free glucose
tests were organized with subsequent healthy lifestyles advice session. It was brought to our attention that such intervention
should be as much as possible individually oriented, considering many personal and social characteristics of an individual.
Gynecological examinations for all women interested in were also organized. On that occasion, women were interviewed
in order to get information about their motivation and obstacles for doing preventive examinations and
difficulties in adaptation as well. Finally, outcomes of the Project were summarized and put in a larger social context.

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returnees; chronic diseases; psychosocial background; community; primary health care; screening; education

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