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Anthropometric Evaluation of the Crèches Children Furniture in Turkey

Önder Barli
Reyhan Midilli Sari
Derya Elmali
Erkan Aydintan

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The dimensions of the living and working space and buildings, the types of material and different riggings should be
designed to conform to the users’ anthropometric measures. The first requirement to design on ergonomic system is to
measure the human being who will work and live in that system. Because of this, anthropometric measures are the most
frequently used ergonomic data during the design process. In this research paper, we attempt to organize a new data base
of anthropometric data to use in the design of children’s equipment and furniture used in crèches. A starting point for research
on the proper dimensions of crèche furniture is to investigate how the dimensions of furniture reflect the body dimensions
and the functional needs of the children using furniture. The anthropometric data of 3, 4 and 5 year-old-children
in crèches was used. We report the results of the measurements of 18 anthropometric characteristics of children
which constitute a set of basic data for the design of functional spaces and furniture.

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anthropometry; crèches; design; Turkey

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