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HIV-Infected Children in Croatia – Medical Care versus Ethical and Social Issues

Tihana Kniewald
Goran Tešović
Vesna Bilić

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The era of pediatric HIV-infection in Croatia began in 1987 when the first child from an HIV-infected mother was
born. The authors present some medical data of children diagnosed as HIV-infected or observed because of maternal
HIV-infection in Croatia until the end of 2005. Although the number of HIV-infected children in Croatia is still relatively
small, in the last two decades the Croatian society was confronted with many ethical and social issues regarding HIV-infection
and discrimination. There were many obstacles in providing proper care and integrating HIV-infected children
in the Croatian society. Stigmatisation, fear and lack of knowledge were major contributors. For the first time, the integration
of an HIV-infected child with revealed HIV-status into school was described. Changes in attitudes towards HIV-
-infected people can only be achieved through planned permanent educational programs.

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HIV/AIDS, children, human rights, discrimination, Croatia

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