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The Role of School Medicine Doctors in Health Education in Croatia – Past, Present and Future

Zrinka Puharić
Gordana Pavleković
Vesna Jureša

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Croatia never had a separate vocation (occupation) of a health educator. Health education is one of the main tasks in
the long tradition of preventive work of doctors-school medicine specialists. Additionally, in the school curriculum in the
Republic of Croatia the health-educational contents are integrated into various subjects, and are conducted by teachers.
However, there are requests to introduce a new subject into schools called Health Education. We asked physicians of
school medicine their opinion on the introduction of this new subject. 30% of the physicians were dissatisfied with the current
condition, 10% were satisfied, while there were no very satisfied school medicine doctors. They believe that health
education goals are oriented solely to passing on knowledge (facts), while efforts are not done to change habits and attitudes
of young people. They recognize themselves as persons mostly involved in health education in schools. Half of the
school medicine doctors believe that the school curriculum should contain both a separate subject as well as integration
of health education into other subjects. Before introducing any changes into healthcare or education system, it is necessary
to examine the attitudes of students and parents, to direct the changes towards the promotion of the cooperation between
the healthcare system, education, civil society, school and community where investing into the health of young people
is done through comprehensive and holistic programmes.

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health education; school medicine; health promoting schools; children and youth

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