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Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Patients in Croatia between 1986 and 2005

Ivan Puljiz
Josip Begovac

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A retrospective medical chart review was performed on 65 HIV-infected patients with tuberculosis hospitalized between
1986 and 2006 at the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases »Dr Fran Mihaljevi}«, Zagreb. Thirty two patients
presented with pulmonary involvement, 13 with extrapulmonary, and 20 patients had disseminated tuberculosis.
Forty five patients had an abnormal chest X-ray. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was identified in 35 (53.9%) patients. Ten
(15.3%) of 65 patients had already been receiving antiviral therapy, while another 31 (47.7%) initiated antiviral therapy
after antituberculosis therapy. Tuberculosis-associated immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome was observed in
11/27 (40.7%) patients. Forty one patient received the standard six month course of antituberculous therapy, while in 12
patients the therapy was prolonged. Twenty one patient (32%) experienced an adverse event to antituberculosis drugs.
Twelve patients died (18.5%). After the introduction of highly active antiviral therapy (HAART) the mortality decreased.
The incidence of tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients in Croatia is increasing, and tuberculosis is still an important opportunistic
infection in our HIV-infected patients.

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Croatia, M. tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

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