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Attitudes towards HIV/AIDS among Four Year Medical Students at the University of Zagreb Medical School – Better in 2002 than in 1993 but Still Unfavorable

Vanja Tešić
Branko Kolarić
Josip Begovac

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Fourth-year medical students at Zagreb University School of Medicine were surveyed about their knowledge and attitudes
regarding HIV/AIDS in 2002/03 and this was compared to a student generation studying during 1993/94. Results
indicated that the 2002/03 students scored significantly higher then did 1993/94 students on knowledge, and attitudes
towards HIV/AIDS. However, 84% of 2002/03 students believed that health care workers (HCW) have the right to know
the HIV status of their patients, 50% would disclose the HIV status to another HCW against patient’s wishes and only
35% believed that HIV testing should be voluntary. The following factors were independently associated with a more favorable
attitude towards HIV/AIDS: less homophobia (= –0.37, p<0.001), experience with HIV/AIDS patients (=1.02,
p<0.001), better knowledge about transmission (=0.18, p=0.016), and 2002/03 academic year (= –1.45, p=0.011). Despite
improvements, some negative attitudes towards HIV/AIDS remained prevalent in 2002/03.

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acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, attitude, HIV, knowledge, prejudice, students, medical, homophobia, discrimination

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