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A new analysis of the ντ → τ − → e − channel in NOMAD

Mario Stipčević ; Ruđer Bošković Institute, POB 1016, HR-10 001 Zagreb, Croatia
Ante Ljubičić ; Ruđer Bošković Institute, POB 1016, HR-10 001 Zagreb, Croatia

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The NOMAD experiment at CERN is gathering its first data in the quest for neutrino oscillations, using the νµ wide band neutrino beam. The experiment is the most sensitive to oscillations νµ → ντ , but νµ → νe can be also studied as well as some additional physics. Here, the results of a novel study of the so-called “electronic channel”, i.e. ντ +N → τ − +X, followed by τ − → e −ντ ν¯e, is presented. The study is done with a help of a program based on the LEPTO event generator and simple detector simulation. It is shown that a conceivable deterioration of spatial resolution of the drift chambers with respect to what has been originally proposed, would not deteriorate significantly the signal-to-noise ratio in this channel. On the other hand, the quality of the φeh–φmh cut is shown to be extremely sensitive to the knowledge of the exact angle of incident neutrinos with respect to the horizontal axis of the detector. Finally, a new cut, involving the hadronic calorimeter installed at the back field return yoke of the NOMAD magnet, is proposed and shown to reduce the background by a factor of about two.

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