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Vitality and Erosion Of Molise Croatian Dialect*

Anita Sujoldžić

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This paper gives a presentation of the condition of an endangered language located
on the southern part of the Italian peninsula, spoken by a small community of transplanted
Slavic population who fled the Eastern Adriatic coast during the Turkish invasion
of the Balkan peninsula and have lived in complete isolation from related Slavic
languages for five centuries surrounded by a majority of Italian speaking population.
The overview of contact induced changes shows a high level of interferences at all structural
levels resulting in a relatively stable mixed idiom. Preservation and revitalization
efforts are discussed particularly in relation to the importance of writing and codification
of the language as well as possible steps that can be undertaken in view of the link
between language and the group cultural identity.

Ključne riječi

language shift; language maintenance; minority; group identity; literacy

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