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Linguistic Diversity, Global Paradigms and Taken-for-Grantedness

Angéline Martel

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In the first part of this paper taken-for-granted hypotheses in linguistic diversity are
presented. In the second part the two constellations of globalized ideologies are described
constituting paradigms that these hypotheses illustrate: competition and solidarity.
In the third part, a condensed version of emerging globalized concerns is given. Sociolinguistics
and anthropological linguistics are disciplines that increasingly theorize
and analyze within the solidarity paradigm. It is suggested that a systematic uprooting
of competition as taken-for-granted grounding of scientific research should allow for the
development of theorization and successful applications of solidarity ideologies. In
short, in this paper, our multifaceted taken-for-grantedness is challenged in many ways:
(1) competition is ideological and many social movements are unmasking it by articulating
solidarity as a basis for ideologies, (2) difference is not necessarily divisive but it
is so in pervasive competition, (3) proponents of the Nation-State as a model of social organization
have vested interests in competition, (4) competition has not favored the articulation
of common human grounds but globalization helps to raise concerns and articulate
commonness/solidarity in difference.

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linguistic diversity; globalization; competition; solidarity

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