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SEM Analysis of Tooth Enamel

Zoran Azinović
Jadranka Keros
Dino Buković
Ana Azinović

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str. 381-386

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SEM analysis contains researches of tooth enamel surfaces of two populations. First
group of samples is tooth enamel of prehistorically ancestor from Vu~edol and the second
group of samples is enamel of modern Croatian citizen. Even on small number of
human teeth samples from cooperage site of Vu~edol (3,000 BC) and today’s Croatian
people, we can conclude about chewing biometry of prehistorically ancestors and today’s
modern Croatian people, comparing interspecifically the morphology of enamel microdefects.
With the interspecific comparison of morphology changes on tooth occlusal surfaces,
we can connect the size and shape of abrasive particles and diet with microdefects
of tooth enamel.

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enamel, microwear, dental adaptation, diet

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