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Epidemiology of Dermatomycosis in the Eastern Croatia – Today and Yesterday

Vladimira Barišić-Druško
Ivana Ručević
Darko Biljan
Zlatica Jukić

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The aim of our investigation was to compare the distribution of dermatomycosis species
in Eastern Croatia between two different periods: first period from 1997–2001 year,
and second period from 1986–88 year. The outpatients from Department of Dermatovenerology
University Hospital »Osijek« with confirmed diagnosis infection Tinea, were
selected on the basis o age, gender, localization and dermatomycosis species. During the
first period (1997–2001) among 75,691 outpatients Tinea infection was confirmed in
558 (0.73%), while in the second period among 47,832 outpatients there were 126
(0.26%) cases with Tinea, what showed significant increase of fungal infections among
population this region. According the age and gender in both periods predominant population
were under of the age 16 (40.14%: 41.26%), and female population was predominant
(58.60% and 57.14%) in comparison to males (41.39% and 42.85%). The most frequent
localization of lesions in period I were cutis glabrae (47.31%), palms and soles
(31.36%), capitis (17.38%) and unguis (9.31%) and isolated species were as followed:
Trichophyton (39.06%), Microsporum (31.72%) and Candida (28.13%) species. In period
II the most frequent localization were palms and soles (40.47%), cutis glabrae (36.50%),
capitis (12.69%) and unguis (10.31%). The isolated species in this period were: Trichophyton
(80.15%), Candida (12.69%) and Microsporum (4.76%) species. From the data
collected during two different periods we can observe 1) increase of fungal infection generally
in our region; 2) significant changes in causative species (increase of Microsporum
and Candida species infection, but Trichophyton spp still remain the first causative
agent); and 3) changes in the localization of lesions.

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dermatomycosis, epidemiology, Croatia

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