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The Influence of Risperidone on Cognitive Functions in Schizophrenia

Jelena Barkić
Pavo Filaković
Ljiljana Radanović-Grgurić
Oliver Koić
Davor Laufer
Ivan Požgain
Elvira Koić
Ljubomir Hotujac

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Introduction of the antipsychotics of the second generation (SGA) into the therapy of
schizophrenia roused expectations that, finally, the cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia
could be eliminated by psychopharmacological therapy. The purpose of the study
was to verify the effect of atypical antipsychotic risperidone on cognitive functions in
schizophrenic patients. The study was carried out upon 48 male schizophrenic patients
aged 21–47 years who were switched from the antipsychotics of the first generation
(FGA) to the antipsychotic risperidone, due to intolerance, during the treatment. Intelligence,
abstract and concrete thinking and mental speed, attention, and short-term nonverbal
memory prior to the switch, one month after the switch, and three months after
the switch to risperidone, were evaluated. One month after the switch the number of
subjects with severe impairment of intellectual abilities decreased significantly from
62% to 15% and after three months the number was even lower–8%. The impairement of
concrete and abstract thinking and mental speed also showed the same tendencies of decrease.
The improvement of the cognitive functioning after the switch from the antipsychotics
of the first generation to the antipsychotic risperidone is explained by removal of
the antipsychotics of the first generation from the therapy and the consequential disinhibition
of secondary cognitive impairments and by decreased average dose of anticholinergic
and decreased number of patients who need anticholinergic therapy beside risperidone.
The possibility of clear pro-cognitive effect of risperidone is suggested and its
verification is proposed with strict control of other factors that improve cognitive functioning
of schizophrenic patients during the treatment.

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schizophrenia, risperidone, cognitine function

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