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Self-Image and Refugee Status in Adolescents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Ivan Begovac
Branka Begovac
Vlasta Rudan

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The first aim is focused in refugees comparing them with a comparison group in clinical
characteristics. In addition, the authors compared scores on the self-image (S-I)
scale of refugees and comparison subjects, after they had stratified them into four
groups by gender and age. Subjects were 133 refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina
and comparison subjects were from Zagreb, Croatia (n = 189). The subjects were assessed
by psychotherapeutic interview, Offer Self-Image Questionnaire (OSIQ), questionnaires
of depressive symptoms, war stressors, posttraumatic reactions (PTS-reactions)
and general data. Refugees had significantly higher scores on the questionnaires
of war stressors and PTS–reactions (p < 0.001). Refugees didn’t differ in the majority of
12 scales of OSIQ from comparison subjects, in all four groups. Younger male refugees
had the most scales with significantly higher raw scores in S-I, four in total. S-I can
give us useful insight into different dimensions of personality of refugees.

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psychotrauma, self-image, OSIQ, PTS–reactions, refugees, adolescents, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

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