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Presence of N-Nitrosamines in Canned Liver Patty

Jasna Bošnir
Zdenko Šmit
Dinko Puntarić
Tomislav Horvat
Maja Klarić
Spomenka Šimić
Ivan Zori}

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The presence of N-nitrosamines was determined in samples of industrially manufactured
liver patty stored at different temperatures for a variable period of time. Sample
preparation included steam distillation and extraction of redistilled samples with dichlormethane.
The extracts were analyzed by a gas chromatography – mass spectrometry
system (GC-MS-SIM). Study results expressed as total N-nitrosamines, including
methylethyl-, diethyl- and dibutyl-N-nitrosamines, ranged from 0.0008 to 2.997 mg/kg,
which significantly exceeded the recommended value of 0.002 mg/kg. The increase in the
formation of N-nitrosamines was directly dependent on the length and temperature of
product storage.

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N-nitrosamines, liver patty, storage

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