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ESWL Treatment of Urinary Stones in Children – The Overview of 14 Years of Experience

Hrvoje Kuveždić
Antun Tucak
Nikica Perić
Damir Prlić
Ivan Zorić
Radoslav Galić

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Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) treatment has been used at Department
of Urology, University Hospital »Osijek«, Croatia, since July 1988. Until December
2001 seven thousand and eight hundred patients underwent ESWL for urinary stones,
68 of them were children (0.87%). Sixty-eight children aged 4 to 15 years (average
10.14 years) underwent ESWL. They were treated for the total of 91 stones: 35 (38.46%)
caliceal, 23 (25.27%) in pyelon, 7 (7.69%) in pyeloureteric segment and 14 (15.38%) ureteral.
Staghorn calculi were found in 6 (6.59%) patients and multiple stones (four or
more stones in the same kidney) in 6 (6.59%). There was total of 95 ESWL sessions performed
in 68 patients (1.39 session per patient). Fifty-six patients (82.35%) without residual
stones found at the control plain film and sonography of urinary tract were considered
»stone free«. Addition of 5 patients with clinically insignificant residual fragments
(less than 4 mm) increases overall success rate to 89.70%. ESWL is a simple, safe
and effective procedure in the management of urolithiasis in childhood. Clinical experience
of our institution confirms ESWL as the first line treatment for kidney stones in the
pediatric age patients.

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urolithiasis, children, ESWL

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