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Chronic Tension-Type Headache in School-Aged Children – Personality Traits and Behavior

Zlatko Mandić
Dunja Baraban
Milivoj Boranić

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Basic personality traits and specific behavior characteristics were assess in 39 patients
(12 to 15 years old) having chronic tension-type headache. Patients were referred
for clinical examination to the Neural-pediatrics Ward of the Department of Pediatrics,
Osijek, Croatia. Eysenck Personality Questionnaire – Juniors (EPQ-J), a new Croatian
personality Questionnaire of domination, aggression, introversion and ambition
(DAIA), were applied for the testing. The scores obtained by patients in personality questionnaires
were compared with averages scores normal sample of healthy pupil same
ages. Our patients were found to have no signs of emotional instability. Their behavior
is prosocial, nonaggressive, and ambitious, aimed at the achievement of superior results
at school and life although already quite successful in their studies. Tensions arising
from the school setting seem to be important factors triggering tension-type headaches.

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chronic tension-type headache, school-aged children, personality, behavior

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