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The Role of the Low Energy Diet in Psoriasis Vulgaris Treatment

Ivana Ručević
Antonija Perl
Vladimira Barišić-Druško
Marija Adam-Perl

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The aim of the present study was to determine whether and how the low energy diet
acts on reduce of plasma lipids and clinical features of moderate non pustular psoriasis
vulgaris. The investigation carried out in Clinical hospital Osijek, at Department of
Dermatology as well as at Nutrition Department, included 82 in-patients, aged 46 to 65
(mean age 53.7 7.9), which had at least a 10-year history of the skin disorders. 42 participants
(22 men and 20 women) in addition to usual topical therapy (neutral bland
ointments twice daily), received a low energy diet during four weeks. Controls (40 participants:
22 men and 18 women) received only topical therapy with regular hospital
food. Total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in blood,
body weight and clinical features were measured at the beginning of investigation and
after four weeks. After four weeks participants on low energy diet showed statistical significantly
decreasing of serum lipids in relation to control group as well as significantly
decreasing of clinical skin disorders. On contrary there were no significant changes on
body weight between both groups of participants. Results of our study suggest that low
energy diet could be important adjuvant factor in the prevention and treatment of moderate
non pustular psoriasis.

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psoriasis vulgaris, low energy diet

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