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Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Women with Endometrial Carcinoma

Tomislav Strinić
Damir Buković
Ivanka Bilonić
Ivana Hirš
Albert Despot
Andrea Boćan

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The aim of the paper was to describe general health, socio-economic and demographic
characteristics of endometrial cancer patients in comparison to healthy women.
During years 1996–2002, 100 women with endometrial carcinoma and 100 healthy women
were interviewed about their health, socio-economic and demographic status and
compared. The endometrial cancer patients were more often older, postmenopausal,
with higher body weight, and frequent history of hypertension and diabetes than controls.
The healthy women had greater number of deliveries, used oral contraceptive and
hormone replacement therapy, were smokers and alcohol consumers and lived in urban
centers more often than patients. The cancer patients had worse socio-economic status,
less education, and were more frequent single and widowed than controls. These data
may be relevant for public health services in the future to improvement quality of life of
the cancer patients.

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endometrial carcinoma, epidemiology, Croatia

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