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Different Photoredox Reactivity of Structurally Similar Iron(III) Complexes

Jozef Sima
Mário Izakovic

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Iron(III) complexes [Fe(benacen)X]q containing a redox innocent tetradentate open-chain N2O2- ligand benacen (N,N’-ethylenebis(benzoylacetoneiminato) and a couple of monodentate CH3OH + Fˉ, CH3OH + Iˉ, CH3OH + N3 ˉ, (q = 0); 2 CH3OH (q = 1) or bidentate C2O4 2(q = –1) ligands are redox stable in the dark. Under the impact of ultraviolet and/or visible radiation, the complexes undergo photochemical reactions, yielding FeII and formaldehyde CH2O as final products. As intermediates, radicals *CH2OH and solvated electrons were identified by EPR spin trapping technique. Efficiency of the photoredox processes, expressed by the quantum yield of net FeII formation, ΦFeII, is strongly wavelength and monodentate/bidentate ligand dependent.

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iron(III) complexes, photoredox reactions, radical identification, quantum yield, wavelength dependence

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