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Finite Element Method Analysis of the Tooth Movement Induced by Orthodontic Forces

Senka Meštrović
Mladen Šlaj
Petra Rajić

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The finite element method is a useful technique for measuring structural stress and
for movement analyses. The objective of this investigation was to get a more accurate estimation
of tooth movement depending on application point when a tipping orthodontic
force is applied. The tree-dimensional model of un upper canine, consisting of 4,000
hexahedron elements with 2,367 nodes was obtained. Horizontal, orally directed 1N tipping
orthodontic force was applied to the model on five different levels of the tooth
crown. The three–dimensional mathematical finite element model is useful in analyzing
the tooth movement in response to orthodontic forces. The tipping tooth movement is
greater if the force is appled closer to its neck, or more gingivally.

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finite element method, orthodontic forces, tooth movement

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