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Analysis of Bone Tissue Mechanical Properties

Diana Milčić
Jadranka Keros
Andrija Bošnjak

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This paper deals with the torsional moment depending on the angle of torsion of the
compact bone in laboratory animals and humans. Based on the data from laboratory
animals, obtained by measurement, the data on dependence of the torsional moment
and the angle of torsion were assumed for humans. Measurements were carried out on
four groups of compact bone in laboratory animals. One was the control group, and
three other groups were treated by various vitamin D3 metabolites. Equal measurements
were performed in only one group of compact bone in humans, due to the impossibility
to treat humans with vitamin D3 metabolites. Functional relations between the
angle of torsion and the torsional moment for all groups of animal body tissue were determined
by measurements, and the results were used to assume the reaction of human
compact bone tissue if treated by vitamin D3 metabolites.

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vitamin D3, biomechanics, torsional movement, bone, osseous tissue

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