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A 3D Vizualization and Simulation of the Individual Human Jaw

Osman Muftić
Jadranka Keros
Sarajko Baksa
Vlado Carek
Ivo Matković

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A new biomechanical three-dimensional (3D) model for the human mandible based
on computer-generated virtual model is proposed. Using maps obtained from the special
kinds of photos of the face of the real subject, it is possible to attribute personality to the
virtual character, while computer animation offers movements and characteristics within
the confines of space and time of the virtual world. A simple twodimensional model of
the jaw cannot explain the biomechanics, where the muscular forces through occlusion
and condylar surfaces are in the state of 3D equilibrium. In the model all forces are resolved
into components according to a selected coordinate system. The muscular forces
act on the jaw, along with the necessary force level for chewing as some kind of mandible
balance, preventing dislocation and loading of nonarticular tissues. In the work is used
new approach to computer-generated animation of virtual 3D characters (called »Body
SABA«), using in one object package of minimal costs and easy for operation.

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human jaw; 3D vizualization; 3D simulation

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