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An Arheozoological Analysis of Teeth of Lower Jaw of Pigs Coming from the Kostolac Culture (3,250–3,000 B.C.), Originating from Vučedol, Including Comparison with Recent

Tajana Trbojević Vukičević
Snježana Kužir
Krešimir Babić
Damir Mihelić
Dubravka Radionov

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An investigation has been made within the expertise regarding teeth of 10 left halves
of mandibles of recent sows as well as teeth of 18 pig mandibles originating from
Kostolac culture (3,250 –3,000 B.C.) from Vu~edol archaeological location. TWS (Tooth
Wear Stage) has been determined at all molars, according to Grant method1 and a corresponding
numerical equivalent has been added, so MWS (Mandibular Wear Stage) has
been obtained by summing up the above. On the basis of these values and ranges of
MWS, an approximate age at the time of death has been determined for each unit. All
the recent units have been older than 17 months, while the age of Kostolac units has
come out to be between 14 and 17 months.

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pig’s teeth, Vučedol, teeth wear stages

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