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Revisiting the globalisation-welfare state Nexus: what about the quality of the social welfare?

Wanshan Wu
Linyan Zhang
Mantu Kumar Mahalik
Qian Wan
Giray Gozgor
Zhou Lu

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A large amount of literature examines the effects of globalisation
on the size of the welfare state. Unlike previous papers, this article
studies globalisation’s effects on the quality of social welfare. For
this purpose, we use the annual panel dataset of 169 countries
from 1970 to 2018. The findings indicate that a higher level of
globalisation leads to a higher quality of the welfare state. This
evidence is valid when the countries are divided according to
their income levels, such as low-income, middle-income, and
high-income economies. In addition, these results remain robust
when various sensitivity analyses are implemented, such as using
different indicators of globalisation, utilising different estimation
techniques, including various controls, and excluding outliers.

Ključne riječi

Size of the welfare state; quality of the welfare state; globalisation; the compensation hypothesis; the efficiency hypothesis; panel data estimation techniques

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