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Impact of eco-innovation and sustainable tourism growth on the environmental degradation: the case of China

Ka Yin Chau
Chen-Hsien Lin
Bushra Tufail
Trung Kien Tran
Le Van
Tran Thai Ha Nguyen

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Climate complexities and global warming have made sustainable
development a customary topic in environmental literature. Since
then, various diggings have been happening in academia. Amongst
them tourism and eco-innovation receives the heap due to its contribution
to economic development. The study, thereby, examines
the impact of tourism, economic growth and eco-innovation on
environmental degradation in China. The secondary data has been
extracted from World Development Indicators (WDI) database from
1988 to 2020. The nexus among the variables have been examined
using Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lagged (NARDL) model.
Findings reveal that international tourism receipts, expenditures and
number of tourist arrival, GDP, national income and inflation are
positively correlated with environmental degradation, while sustainability-
oriented eco-innovation is related negatively in case of China.
This study has provided help to the regulators while developing
new policies regarding environmental degradation by controlling
emissions from economic and tourism development and using sustainability-
oriented eco-innovation.

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International tourism receipts; tourism growth; national income; economic growth; sustainabilityoriented eco-innovation; tourist arrivals

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