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Influence evaluation of producer services agglomeration on economic resilience: Evidence from China’s cities

Yanan Du
Qingxi Wang
An Hu
Yueji Xin

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As a new engine of economic development after urbanization’s
structural deceleration stage in China, producer services agglomeration
on urban economic resilience (ER) requires analysis. Using
data from 264 prefecture-level cities and above in China after the
global financial crisis, we examine producer services’ impact in
terms of diversification (PSD) and specialization (PSS) on urban
ER, and also the mediating effect of industrial structure upgrading
(ISU). The results show that Cities with more diversified producer
services are more resilient to crises, while the effect direction of
PSS is the opposite. ISU is partly how PSD and PSS affect ER.
Finally, producer services agglomeration’s impact on ER has significant
regional heterogeneity. PSD is very conducive to urban
ER in the economically developed eastern region and the less
developed western region. The more specialized the development
of producer services in eastern and north-eastern regions, the
less conducive it is to enhancing ER. Our findings can help
stabilize China’s economy and achieve high-quality economic

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Producer services; economic resilience; diversification; specialization; industrial structure upgrading

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