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Marko Tokić

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The powers of instruction which can attune a yet untuned soul to harmonious motion, in which the soul is then provided with knowledge, amongst other things, is what Plato sees in education. According to Plato's mature thoughts, the soul is most similar to a toy, which, by its very nature, perpetually and chaotically hops, particularly while the soul is still youthful {Laws 664d-645b). Given this not so encouraging image of man, the author asks just how it is possible to create hope regarding the acquisition of something solid and unchangeable, of knowledge in general and, finally, of the knowledge of one's own essence. If the essence of each man is hidden in the truth which utters from the unveiling of a marionette - a marionette that plays in the game of life which issues from the innermost struggle of two inconceivable and to the human mind almost unattainable principles: limitlessness and the limit - then it seems that precisely education is the being that can open the possibility to guess at one's essence to man, since education calms the strings (the passions) that tear this being; at the same time, education originates from this game, makes this game, in some marvellous way, education is this game, and game is the beginning, source and root of all art. Thus, only those who come to comprehend the significance of the game of life can understand education. Naturally, considering that the game issues from the struggle of principles, one who ponders upon the game and, then, also upon oneself, actually ponders upon the truth about the totality of everything. Placing oneself in the truth always presupposes being on the path, presupposes being in the heart of philosophical questions; Gadamer claims that the path that leads to the heart of the most important philosophical questions is the path of understanding the picture: the picture calls for the truth, and the truth is attained in execution (Vollzug). Such observation is the attuning of the soul, true education. Such education is present only in the most difficult of all the humanly conceivable fields of standing - in art, and it is precisely here that education can and will guide the motions of the soul in rhythm and harmony. Thus, it seems that one should search for the answers on the truth in touching the picture, which unambiguously unveils the principles (modern painting); education should be steered to such touching.

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Art; demon; education; game

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