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Is it really Silvanus?

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In research on the cult of Silvanus, the Roman god of forests and
flocks and natural or agricultural prosperity, the province of Dalmatia
holds a special place. Within the province, the locality of
Danilo, located to the northeast of Šibenik, is also a place that
cannot be disregarded. One especially intriguing relief from Danilo,
damaged and worn, represents a male figure in movement.
The figure has horns on his head, long hair, a bearded face and
hairy thighs, and it appears that the figure is either dancing or
shown in some kind of movement to his left. In scholarly literature,
the figure represented is always named Silvanus, as this
was the way he was usually presented on the votive monuments of Dalmatia. Still, contemporary theoretical contextualization
of existing material (e.g. votive monuments, reliefs) is reliant on
comprehensive revalorization of (the predominant) data. In this
paper, I will offer a short overview of Silvanus’s representations
from Dalmatia. On the basis of that overview I will argue the real
character of the figure portrayed, and why this representation
might fit more appropriately into the pastoral scenes of Dionysiac

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Roman religion, cult, Silvanus, Dalmatia, Danilo, Rider, Dionysos, satyr

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