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Two General Croatian Meetings in 1890 and 1893 and Their Significance for the National Integration

Iva Milovan ; Odsjek za povijest Sveučilišta u Puli, Pula, Hrvatska
Nevio Šetić ; Odsjek za povijest Sveučilišta u Puli, Pula, Hrvatska

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On the basis of the 1867 Austro-Hungarian agreement, Croatian lands (Croatia, Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia) were to remain administratively separated within the Habsburg Monarchy until 1918, giving way to a number of political processes advocating the idea of national integration. Political initiative manifested in the organisation of general meetings of Croatians from all their lands, industrial exhibitions in Zagreb (1864, 1891), symposia of Croatian teachers (1871, 1874, 1878), a gathering occasioning the opening of the new University in Zagreb in 1874, etc.
Considering their exceptionally high attendance and far-reaching implications, two conferences have drawn the authors’ particular attention. The first was held in Makarska in 1890, occasioning the erection of the monument to the writer Andrija Kačić Miošić (1704-1760), credited for the promotion of Croatian language and national identity. The other meeting was held in Dubrovnik in 1893, also occasioning the erection of a monument to the Dubrovnik-born poet Ivan Gundulić (1589-1638). Among the participants were the members of the parliament, mayors and municipal administrators, men of letters, eminent scholars, journalists, businessmen, teachers and professors, cultural exponents, including visitors from the remote corners of Croatian lands and from all social strata. The authors highlight Croatian political conditions of the time with emphasis on Makarska and Dubrovnik, examine the preparations and programs of these conferences as well as their reception in the press. They also point to the elements which demonstrate the emotional and political unity of the Croatians, and which further contributed to the process of national integration.

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Dubrovnik, Makarska, national integration

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