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Women in Transition – Menopause and Body Composition in Different Populations

J. Aréchiga
C. Prado
M. Cantó
M. Carmenate

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str. 443-448

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Human biology has provided valuable and applicable points of view to contribute towards
human welfare, when it has analyzed changes in the transitional phases of the
ontogenetic process. The purpose of this presentation coincides with WHO recommendations
to study the modifications suffered by the female body during her stage of reproductive
aging in different environments. We study and compared three different groups
of women living in the cities of Madrid (Spain), Havana (Cuba) and in Tuxpan, a village
in the State of Michoacán (Mexico). Three groups differed with respect to their socio-economic
levels, food habits, social organization and culture. We used the same anthropometric
techniques, recommended by the IBP, and same tools to assess the women's reproductive
life, demography and socio-economic condition. All three groups coincidences
regarding the remodelation of their thorax, so after 55 years of age their waist-hip ratio
surpassed the cut point of 0.80, associated whit higher risk for chronic cardiovascular
disorders. However, examined groups differed, for instance, the rural Mexican women
altered their bone density earlier, five years before the urban samples. Next, Mexican
women of younger ages maintained high levels of their body mass index above the cut
point for overweight.

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