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Territorial Forces as the Police in the Districts of Dubrovnik and Kotor Under Austrian Rule

Tado Oršolić ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zavod za povijesne znanosti, Zadar, Hrvatska

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str. 295-314

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Upon the establishment of Austrian rule in Dalmatia in 1814, in the districts of Dubrovnik and Kotor territorial forces (forza territoriale) were introduced with the purpose of maintaining law and order. Following thorough preparations, their consolidation took place in 1832. Although the rest of Dalmatia had a three centuries-old police tradition, in the district of Dubrovnik it was a novelty.
The article addresses several most relevant issues, as the preparations for the introduction of territorial forces in the districts of Dubrovnik and Kotor, their organisation and activity, certain aspects of inefficiency due to insubordination of officers and pandours and service-related problems. Reasons underlying lesser popularity of the territorial forces in these two districts than elsewhere in Dalmatia should be sought in the absence of police tradition and the voluntary basis of this dangerous and unpaid service.

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Dubrovnik, Kotor, territorial forces

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