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Characteristics of the new Photon counting CT detector

Petra Mimica ; University of Split, University Department of Health Studies, Split, Croatia
Tatjana Matijaš orcid id ; University of Split, University Department of Health Studies, Split, Croatia

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Radiology is one of the fastest growing branches of medicine, and precisely one of the devices that follows
this development the fastest is the computerized tomography device. Scientists are most focused on
research into improving the parameters of the X-ray tube and detector as the most important parts of this
imaging modality. In addition to the detector with energy integration, which is widely used today as part of
everyday clinical practice, the subject of research is also a Photon countng detector. The numerous virtues
that stand out in the new type of detector are responsible for the general opinion that in the future this new
technology will dominate CT devices in clinical practice, improving the acquisition of numerous diagnostic
and interventional procedures. It is believed that this technology ushers radiology into a new era precisely
with its improved spatial and contrast resolution, noise reduction and increase of contrast to noise ratio,
but also with new possibilities such as simultaneous imaging of multiple contrast agents and multi-energy
imaging. Improvements in the visibility of iodine contrast agent provide additional diagnostic possibilities
and more accurate differentiation of benign and malignant suspected lesions. The significantly smaller pixel
size on this detector offers an almost two-fold increase in spatial resolution, and thus an increase in radiation
dose efficiency. The use of a detector with a photon counter is therefore also suitable for pediatric patients,
and there is also a wide range of low-dose imaging options for the purpose of preventive cancer screening.
Processes such as the material decomposition and spectral imaging are still in the research process, but have
great potential to optimize future daily clinical practice. More work and published research results are needed,
but surely this technology will one day make the work of radiologic technologists and radiologists easier.

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computed tomography; energy integrating detector; photon counting detector

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