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New Classification of the Styloid Process Length – Clinical Application on the Biological Base

K. Sokler
S. Sandev

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the mean radiographic length of styloid process
in a sample of Croatian population, and based on biological basis, to suggest a classification
applicable in clinical practice. Two hundred and ninety six panoramic x-rays
were examined, out of which 161 from males and 135 from females. The length of the
styloid process was measured and age analysis was conducted. The styloid process was
observed in approximately three-quarters of the studied sample. The mean length of the
styloid process was 21.6 mm for the right side and 21.2 mm for the left side. Statistical
analysis of the obtained data shows the existence of three different groups of styloid processes:
short (under 21 mm), normal (21–30 mm) and elongated (more than 30 mm)
styloid processes. This study explains trimodal distribution as a consequence of developmental
changes. This classification is both the biologically based and clinical relevant.

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